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Make the Connection

Make the Connection

Campaign for Linkedin

Winner of a Silver Addy Award in the Student Cross-Platform Integrated Consumer Campaign category

The "Make the Connection" campaign is focused on helping LinkedIn users get from where they are- to where they want to be by presenting them with the tools available on LinkedIn that will enable them to stand out among peers and advance in their careers. There is also a secondary focus on the importance of the physical in-person "connections" with others that creates the potential for professional advancement.

The Campaign
B Spot
Out of Home Transit Ads

Put sponsored posts on social media, specifically sites like facebook that are known to have their own job boards, in order to draw users directly to the Linkedin site.

Direct Mail Tactic
Paid Social
AdParlor_Website Clicks_Newsfeed_Preview

Reach people in public transit spaces during their daily commute. While waiting for their mode of transport, they're given time to ponder the details, and consider the "connection" that has potential to be made in their own career.

Analyze Linkedin data to give select users a personalized experience by sending them a clear set of steps and rationale for how they can "make the connection". Includes a resume, business card, and 7 detailed instruction cards all created using Linkedin profile information.

Out of Home
Paid Social
Direct Mail
Coffee Shop Flier

Another hotspot for daily work commuters: the coffeeshop. Distribute fliers among a select group of cafes, with language meant to attract those thinking about their next opportunity, and "pull-tab" business cards to send people to the Linkedin website.

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